Access Control

In todays world controlled access is becoming evermore popular. Whether it is your employee entrance or a highly sensitive area, you can have confidence in knowing that you are protected from unauthorized access.


You will never have to be without your media in your home again. Your digital media is only a click away and with Complete Home Audio Solution you can enjoy it wherever you may want to sit and relax.


A fire alarm system can be the difference between making a few repairs and rebuilding completely. It can even mean the difference between life and death.


Are you unsure about setting up a home network? Do you need to access the Internet on your smartphone, tablet, TV, or printer?


Imagine returning home from a fun-filled vacation to find a backdoor kicked in. As you rush to discover what is missing you check your "secret" hiding spot and it's been found.

Telephone Systems

As a business, your communications are vital. A missed call or a delay in response can cost you time and money.


As technology advances, no longer do you have to record hours of video to know are protected. The Total Connect Solution gives you the ability to view video in real-time.